Hercules CI #3 development update

What’s new?

Precise derivations improvements

Dependency failure tree

If a dependency failed for an attribute, you can now explore the dependency stack down to the actual build failure.

There’s also a rebuild button to retry the build for the whole stack, from the failed dependency down up to and including the build you clicked. We’ve addressed some of the styling issues visible on smaller screens.

Fixed an issue where users would end up being logged out

hercules-ci-agent 0.2

  • use gitignore instead of nix-gitignore
  • fix build on Darwin
  • limit internal concurrency to max eight OS threads for beefier machines
  • show version on --help
  • build against NixOS 19.03 as default
  • propagate agent information to agent view: Nix version, substituters, platform and Nix features

Focus for the next sprint

Cachix and thus Darwin support

The last bits missing (besides testing) are sharing derivations and artifacts between agents using cachix and the ease of Darwin agent deployment with accompanying documentation.

Stuck jobs when restarting the agent

Currently when you restart an agent that is doing work, jobs claimed by the agent will appear stuck in the queue. This sprint is planned to ship a way to remedy the issue manually via the UI. Later on it will be automatically handled by agent ping-alive.

Preview phase

Once we’re done with Darwin and Cachix support, we’ll hand out preview access to everyone who will have signed up for preview access.

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