Sprint #2 development update

What’s new in sprint #2?

Precise derivations

Agent 0.2 will communicate the structure of the derivation closure to the service, which allows us to traverse the derivation tree and dispatch each derivation to multiple agents.

Neither source or binary data used by Nix on the agent is ever sent to the service.

We will release agent 0.2 after more testing and UI improvements. as we’re still doing testing and UI improvements.

Git-rich metadata

Each job now includes a branch name, commit message and the committer:

Job rich metadata

Job page information

The job page shows information that triggered the build and timing information:

Job page

Focus for sprint #3

Cachix support

We’ve already made progress of parsing Cachix configuration, but there’s the actual pushing of derivations to be done.

Darwin / Features support

Now that precise derivations are working, they need to get aware of platforms for Darwin support. Same goes for infamous Nix “features”, which work like labels that can be used to dispatch individual derivations to specific groups of agents.

Preview phase

You’re still in time to sign up for preview access or follow us on Twitter as we will be expanding access in the coming weeks.