Sprint #1 development update

Two weeks ago we launched preview access of our CI for Nix users. Thank you all for giving us the feedback through the poll and individually. We are overwhelmed with the support we got.

Focus of the preview launch was to build a fast, reliable, easy to use CI. Today you can connect your github repository in a few clicks, deploy an agent and all your commits are being tested with their status reported to GitHub.

In our latest sprint we have fixed a few issues, mainly centered around usability and clarity of what’s going on with your projects.

The following features were shipped:

The following bugs fixes were shipped:

  • When there is no agent available, enqueued jobs will show instructions to setup one

  • To prevent CSRF we’ve tightened SameSite cookie from Lax to Strict

  • CDN used to serve stale assets due to caching misconfiguration

  • Numerous fixes to the UI:

    • breadcrumbs now allow user to switch account or just navigate to it
    • no more flickering when switching pages
    • some jobs used to be stuck in Building phase
    • more minor improvements

In our upcoming sprint, #2 we will focus on:

  • Fine-grained dispatch of individual derivations (instead of just top-level derivation closures from attributes as we shipped in the preview) - what follows is testing and presenting derivations in the UI

  • Currently we only store the git revision for each job, which will be expanded to include more metadata like branch name, commit message, author, etc

  • If time allows, preliminary cachix support

You’re still in time to sign up for preview access as we will be expanding access in the following weeks.