Announcing Cachix private binary caches and 0.2.0 release

In March 2018 we’ve set on a mission to streamline Nix usage in teams. Today we are shipping Nix private binary cache support to Cachix.

You can now share an unlimited number of binary caches in your group of developers, protected from public use with just a few clicks.

Authorization is based on GitHub organizations/teams (if this is a blocker for you, let us know what you need).

To get started, head over to and choose a plan that suits your private binary cache needs:

Create Nix private binary cache

At the same time cachix 0.2.0 cli is out with major improvements to NixOS usage. If you run the following as root you’ll get:

$ cachix use hie-nix
Cachix configuration written to /etc/nixos/cachix.nix.
Binary cache hie-nix configuration written to /etc/nixos/cachix/hie-nix.nix.

To start using cachix add the following to your /etc/nixos/configuration.nix:

    imports = [ ./cachix.nix ];

Then run:

    $ nixos-rebuild switch

Thank you for your feedback in the poll answers. It’s clear what we should do next:

  1. Multiple signing keys (key rotation, multiple trusted users, …)

  2. Search over binary cache contents

  3. Documentation

Happy cache sharing!