Ocean Sprint 2022

Last week, Ocean Sprint 2022/2 took place: a great week of Nix hacking under the Canarian sun.

This time, over 20 people participated and we had a lot of fun together discussing and hacking on various topics, such as the NixOS module system, dream2nix, flake-parts, devenv, and more.

It also saw the inception of at least three projects: Lanzaboote, tesh and noogle.dev.

Hercules CI has sponsored the event monetarily, and I was there to join in, help out here and there, and talk with Hercules CI users. I’ve made a couple of small improvements, one of which is auto-merge support for the hercules-ci-effects flake updater effect (see post), but most importantly I’ve found some small issues and inspiration for future features.

I can highly recommend the hackathon for both Nix contributors and sponsors. It’s a great way to get to know members of the community and a great way to support the amazing work that gets done. I for one am very glad to support these sprints.

Check out Ocean Sprint.