CI Development Update

Blogging has been a while and lot has happened.

Hercules CI Effects

The Hercules CI Effects beta was introduced: a principled way for running code after build success, with access to network and secrets. See the docs.

Other improvements

Some highlights:

  • Streaming build and evaluation logs (as I’ve said, it’s been a while since the last update!)
  • Builds on aarch64-linux
  • Support for arbitrary Nix caches as supported by the Nix --store flag
  • Builds on aarch64-darwin (hercules-ci-agent 0.8.4)
  • Various improvements to the dashboard
  • Build failure notification emails
  • The hci command line interface
  • Remote state file plugin for NixOps 2

Upcoming Release

Meanwhile, the upcoming agent 0.9 release is going to be another exciting one, with Flakes support and multi-input jobs; a way to make continuous integration more continuous, by including the latest builds of dependency repositories.

So, stay tuned!