Hercules CI Agent 0.6.1

We’ve released hercules-ci-agent 0.6.1, days after 0.6.0 release.

Everyone is encouraged to upgrade, as it brings performance improvements, a bugfix to IFD and better onboarding experience.

0.6.1 - 2019-11-06


  • Fix token leak to system log when reporting an HTTP exception. This was introduced by a library upgrade. This was discovered after tagging 0.6.0 but before the release was announced and before moving of the stable branch. Only users of the hercules-ci-agent master branch and the unannounced tag were exposed to this leak. We recommend to follow the stable branch.

  • Temporarily revert a Nix GC configuration change that might cause problems until agent gc root behavior is improved.

0.6.0 - 2019-11-04


  • Switch to Nix 2.3 and NixOS 19.09. You should update your deployment to reflect the NixOS upgrade, unless you’re using terraform or nix-darwin, where it’s automatic.
  • Increased parallellism during push to cachix
  • Switch to NixOS 19.09
  • Enable min-free/max-free Nix GC


  • Transient errors during source code fetching are now retried
  • Fixed a bug related to narinfo caching in the context of IFD
  • Fixed an exception when the root of ci.nix is a list, although lists are unsupported

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