Agent 0.5.0 with Terraform support and simpler configuration

Last week, we’ve released agent version 0.5.0. The main theme for the release is ease of installation. Running an agent should be as simple as possible, so we made:

Follow getting started guide to set up your first agent.

If you have and you’re using the module (NixOS, NixOps, nix-darwin) the update is entirely self-explanatory. Otherwise, check the notes.


The agent now relies on being a trusted-user to the Nix daemon. The agent does not allow projects to execute arbitrary Nix store operations anyway. It may improve security since it simplifies configuration and secrets handling.

The security model for the agent is simple at this point: only build git refs from your repository. This way, third-party contributors can not run arbitrary code on your agent system; only contributors with write access to the repo can.

Talking about trust, we’ll share some details about securely doing CI for Open Source with Bors soon!